vendredi 25 juillet 2014

Mouthfuls # 146-Let’s go to Gaza… Beach!

Translated by  John Catalinotto, Tlaxcala
 Let us say it from the get-go: The so-called Only Democracy in the Middle East makes us puke, and has for a long time. This monstrous canker placed on the chest of the Arab world is the most horrible of the gift packages sent in bursts by the democratic West to the “backward” East in more than two centuries, when first Napoleon le Petit Caporal made his horse trample a copy of the Qur'an in the grounds of El Azhar Mosque. For 67 years Palestinians have been paying for a crime of which they are innocent. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem may have been tempted to ally with Hitler to fight the perfidious Albion and its Zionist henchmen, but as far as we know, he had nothing to do with the Holocaust of the Jews of Europe.
 Once an Israeli soldier stationed at one of the infamous checkpoints was asked how he distinguished a Jew from an Arab. "It's simple,” he said, “the Palestinians look like hunted Jews."
The history of the Jewish state is that of a long "Night and Fog" operation that seems to go on forever. But everything has an end, the Empires as well as their cankers. Now we come to the current chapter of this operation.
It took seven days and seven nights, 180 Palestinians dead, more than 500 Zionist anti-Gaza-missile missiles at $100,000 apiece and most importantly, the end of the World Cup, before "the world" began to react, from the bottom to the top. Some reactions were bizarre, to say the least.
From the top, the prize goes to François Hollande -- to give honor where honor is due -- in the aftermath of a hyper-militarist July 14 that had nothing to do with the sans-culottes and the women of the suburbs of 1789: "I don’t come here to say that we are pro-Israeli or pro-Palestinian; we are for peace. Because the situation in the Middle East can be explosive (...) we can’t allow the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to be imported to France. We can’t have excesses and spillovers of intrusion or the will for intrusion in places of worship, whether synagogues as happened yesterday (Sunday, July 13), and I will say the same goes for mosques, churches, temples [...] Anti-Semitism can not be put into play because there is a conflict between Israel and Palestine (...) France wants a Palestinian state alongside Israel. This has been our consistent position; it will not change." (Interview 14 July 2014)
We are not going to insult our readers by analyzing these pathetic sentences; they deserve no comment. All they do is repeat the vulgar line dominating from Washington to Stockholm, shared among the main shareholders of the World Bank and their yes-men.
At about the same time in the same gentle France, the gendarmerie of the town of Artix in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques department proceeded with the removal of a white sheet hanging from a bridge, with an inscription in black letters, "Israel -- murderer." A judicial investigation is underway to find the perpetrators of this act. And if found, will they be charged? And with what, please? The offense of anti-Semitism, perhaps? We would be tempted to laugh until we fell down -- if things were not so tragic, and globally.
From the bottom, the situation is somewhat paradoxical: while the diffuse opinion of the ordinary citizens of Europe, the Americas and above all in the Mediterranean is in its majority, disgusted with aggressive Zionism more than ever, the movement of solidarity with the Palestinian people seem to have melted like butter in the sun. This is probably due to the general crisis of oldfashioned twentieth century political activism, but there are other more specific reasons. The example the Zionists wanted to set by killing ten unarmed Turkish activists aboard the Mavi Marmara had the desired effect. This act simply sowed terror among those who might have been tempted to take the path of a physical, practical solidarity, going unarmed into the combat ground. Where are the Gaza flotillas past? On the other hand the massive use of the “anti-Semitism” charge by Zionist leaders, slavishly echoed by the vast majority of established powers, is able to cool the ardor of many. And finally, the solidarity movements in many countries, put at the front these strange characters that are "anti-Zionist Jews." In short, it seems that the only ones allowed to criticize -- moderately -- the Jewish state are Jews or those who otherwise show their allegiance to them. For our part, we do not support the Palestinians because they are Arabs or Muslims or Christians, but because they are deprived of their natural rights. And we are not hostile to Israel because it is a Jewish state, but because it is a state that in no way meets the criteria of the rule of law. If the Palestinians were Jews and Israel a Buddhist state, which subjects them to the same treatment, we would have the same position.
Let us consider the events that brought this about.
Three teenagers leaving a nightclub disappear one night. This happens every Saturday night around the globe. Were they victims of hash or crack dealers with whom they had an unpaid bill? Or of satyrs who love fresh bodies? Or a gang of rogue Russian, Georgian, Druze or whatnot? The problem is that teens are not only Jews, but Israeli and belong to families of settlers illegally squatting on land that is not theirs. And like many children of settlers, they studied in a yeshiva, a religious school, probably because there is no other option in the area they squat. If it is, they are no more religious than Wolfowitz’s socks. And now the propaganda machine is turned on: "Three yeshiva students kidnapped in the West Bank." Of course, only Palestinians can have kidnapped them. They tell us the three bodies were found a few days later. For the gangsters who run the Jewish state, there is not a shadow of a doubt: Only Hamas could have committed this horrible act! If we tell you that this is true, it is; move along, there’s nothing to see. In over 60 years of armed Palestinian resistance, the groups that have formed have always taken responsibility for their actions. Why has no group claimed this one? What interest does Hamas, composed of people who have brains, have in killing three youngsters while it is in a more than delicate political phase, trying to patch up relations with the pathetic Fatah led by Mahmoud Abbas, in order to present a common front in negotiations that are ever less likely to succeed, while Israeli Premier Benyamin Netanyahu is trumpeting that his line of defense against the Islamic state is on the banks of the Jordan? One can think what one wants of Hamas, except that they could do something so idiotic.
The Jewish State -- a horrible term if there ever was one, but this term is used by its officials – will lose the new "battle" of Gaza as it lost the war in Lebanon in 2006. If it continues to stubbornly refuse to dissolve its evil system to save the humans that it rules over, it will smash it head into the wall it built, including the "Iron Dome."
To conclude, we repeat a Jewish joke, as is told in Tel Aviv:
"An optimistic Israeli Jew learns Arabic/A pessimistic Israeli Jew learns English/ A realistic Israeli Jew learns how to swim."
The month of August grows near. And if one goes to Gaza Beach?

Ayman the Kayman, a vegetarian alligator who thus avoids the problems connected to the licit and illicit.

Good week anyway!
May the force of the spirit be with you!
And ... see you next week!
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