mercredi 21 octobre 2015

Flanby goes shopping in Taipedistan
Mouthful # 154

Translated by Jenny Bright, Tlaxcala
Flanby* will land in Athens on Thursday, accompanied by 70 heads of the largest French capitalist groups, to enjoy the Great Autumn-Winter Sales of the largest factory outlet in Europe, TAIPEDISTAN VLLC (very limited liability company). This is what has become of the country called Greece.
The TAIPED is a gizmo that deserves to be known. This is an acronym of Ταμείο Αξιοποίησης Ιδιωτικής Περιουσίας του Δημοσίου (Tamio Axiopoieses Idiotikes Periousias tou Demosiou), or in English, the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund. A funny kind of "development". In fact it is the liquidation office for Greece, established in 2011 to sell off everything that could be sold. This is a private organization. They established a list of everything that could be sold in Greece, from beaches, islands and green areas classified as Natura 2000 to public enterprises of energy, transport etc. Everything to be sold off for next to nothing. The Germans have already started making use of it, like the Chinese and the Qataris, so the French shouldn't hang around if they want to do good business, forgetting the Air France-KLM tragicomedy.
 In fact, all these purchases will cost virtually nothing to buyers since they will recover the money paid via repayments of Greek debt to banks in France, Germany etc., permitted by these sales.
So, you understand: European banks lent money to Greece to buy billions of very useful things (weapons, the Athens Metro, Olympic City) to companies controlled by these banks. In order to repay, Greece is engaged in a full striptease and sells all that can be sold to them, and even what, legally, logically, morally, can't be sold. In short, to repay a debt that is odious, illegal and illegitimate, it uses sales which are odious, illegal, and illegitimate.

Conclusions? Long live the Greek radical left! Long live the socialiberalconservative International!

PS: Was there an alternative for Greece? Of course, and a very simple one. Here is my Plan Z:
Greece has a debt of about 300 billion euros. For its part Germany is indebted to Greece for at least half of that, or 150 billion, if we put together all the damage caused by the German occupation of Greece:
-100,000 famine deaths
-50,000 POWs
- 20,000 forced labourers
-48,500 Jews deported from Salonika to Auschwitz (which the Reichsbahn, the forerunner of the Federal Railroad, forced to pay for their train tickets, hereby inventing paid deportation)
- 6 000 massacres of civilians,
-Without forgetting the theft of gold and money from the Bank of Greece, described as "borrowing" (with a gun to the temple of the director).
So, Germany and Greece could agree to reset the counters to zero: I owe you nothing, you do not owe me anything. There remains a few hundred billion left to settle. Greece could sell the copyright on all its historical sites, from the Acropolis, Salamis and Marathon to Mount Athos, to the NR (Nouveaux Riches) in the world, I mean the Chinese comrades, who are swimming in money. For 100 billion, the Chinese could reproduce, in the dimensions of their choice, all these sites and open them to Chinese, Indian and Brazilian tourism. And there we are! Is it not beautiful, my plan Z?
AeK, grower of  plans X, Y, Z
 Author's Note
* Flanby (from the English "flabby") is a French industrial trademark for a caramel flan marketed by Lactalis Nestlé. This is Arnaud Montebourg, who in 2003 launched the comparison still famous in the corridors of the National Assembly: "Hollande, is Flanby". The dessert is known for its wobbly appearance, but it always returns to its original shape even when shaken in all directions. Personally, I prefer for the ectoplasmic robot of the Elysee the nickname Gouda (pronounced "Khouda"), the name of the famous Batavian cheese, pink-red on the outside and pee yellow on the inside.
Good week anyway!
May the force of the spirit be with you!
And ... see you next!
Note from the Greek translator, Christine Cooreman
About plan Z:
I perfectly understand the humorous style of said Plan Z. However, I want to say that, for me and for many other Greeks, it would be unthinkable to consider the "exchange" of debts as a solution to the Greek crisis. To conduct a "compensation" for an illegal and odious debt (such as that created for Greece following the memoranda - among others...) with Germanys debt to Greece, which has a huge moral dimension, would be a real insult to the memory of all those who fought, suffered and died under the German occupation.
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